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Reports and Materials on Hypertension 

PAIR Academy, in collaboration with the Stroke Support Alliance, is spearheading the Hypertension Advocacy Project - India. The project aims to raise awareness about the dangers of hypertension and the importance of preventive measures. With the rising burden of non-communicable diseases in India, hypertension is a growing concern that requires urgent attention. Through this project, PAIR academy and the Stroke Support Alliance are working to educate the public, health professionals, and policymakers about the need for effective hypertension management. The project is expected to have a significant impact on reducing the prevalence of hypertension and improving the overall health outcomes of the Indian population.

I feel fine.
How can I have hypertension?

Hypertension, or high blood pressure, is often called the silent killer because it usually has no symptoms.

Even without symptoms, high blood pressure
damages your blood vessels, heart, kidneys.
and other organs


High blood
pressure is not a serious problem.

High blood pressure is the world's leading killer. Unless treated, it can cause stroke, heart attack, kidney failure, dementia and many other serious health problems.

I am young. I cannot have hypertension.

You can develop high blood pressure at any age. Risk of hypertension increases as you get older. These days, more and more young people have high blood pressure, and hence.
need to be screened.

High blood pressure runs in my family. I can do nothing to prevent it.

If your parents or close relatives have high blood pressure, you can develop it, too. You can help prevent high blood pressure by having a healthy lifestyle.


I have hypertension but I do not like taking medicines as they cause side effects.

Untreated hypertension is more dangerous than the side effects caused by medicines.

There are many effective and safe medications to control high blood pressure. If one medication causes side effects, your doctor can change prescription to a different one.

My BP is fine if it is less than my age+ 100.

Lifestyle management will cure hypertension.

My blood pressure is under 140/90 mm Hg, I can stop medication.

I dont need to check my blood pressure regularly. 

I don’t use table salt, so I cannot have high blood pressure.

The ideal blood pressure is lower than 120/80mmHg, and high blood pressure is 140/90 mmHg or higher, regardless of your age.

The lower your blood pressure the lower your risk of heart attack, heart failure, stroke and kidney disease will be.

Lifestyle management is important and can help prevent or manage hypertension. Lifestyle management, however, should complement treatment with medication, NOT substitute it.

DO NOT stop medication on your own!
Always seek your doctor’s advice.
You will have to take a medicine every day for the rest of your life. Medication can get blood pressure under control, but stopping medication will likely cause blood pressure to rise again.

Having your blood pressure checked regularly is very important, especially if you have been diagnosed with high blood pressure at any time in the past.

Keep a note of your blood pressure readings to make sure your blood pressure is under 140/90 mm Hg.

You may not be adding extra salt to your cooked food, but food already contains sodium.


Salt intake increases blood pressure—no matter what the source. Processed and packaged foods such as pickles and papads contain high level of salt.

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